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PBC's, Julio Velasquez Strikes Gold at Championships making him 2nd in the World

Updated: Jan 22

Susie Giraldo For Immediate Release

Palm Beach Karate School


Palm Beach County's Julio Velasquez Strikes Gold at 2023 Karate Junior Pan-American Championships, Now #2 in the World

West Palm Beach, Florida—Julio Velasquez secured a gold medal victory at the 2023 Karate Junior Pan-American Championships in Santiago, Chile, on August 26, 2023. Velasquez proudly represented both Palm Beach County and the United States as a member of the USA Karate Team. His remarkable achievement came after successfully navigating four rounds of intense competition, facing opponents from Canada, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. This historic win marks a significant milestone for Palm Beach Karate, as it represents their highest standing in a world-class tournament to date. Julio's gold medal performance now positions him 2nd globally in his division and weight class.

The Junior Pan American tournament is an annual event organized by the World Karate Federation, drawing world-class athletes from all over the Americas.

The last time Ken Shin Kan was invited to the Junior Pan American Games was in 2022 when Gabriela Navarrete and Kevin Cruz both got 3rd place.

Earlier in the summer, 6 promising young athletes—Kevin Cruz, Bryan Cruz, Gabriela Navarrete, Luca Serafimovich, Christopher Garrido and Julio Velazquez—secured coveted spots on Jr. Team USA by achieving either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place at the USA Karate Nationals held in Richmond, Virginia.

About Palm Beach Karate School:

Palm Beach Karate School, a traditional karate studio located in West Palm Beach, places a strong emphasis on active tournament participation. The competitive team at PBK consists of dedicated and passionate students who have relentlessly pursued their goals since the school's inception in 1996. The journey began in 2015 when Matias Nicolopulous became the school's first qualified athlete, followed by Christian Moncada the following year. Alex Jinesta, co-owner and head coach of the team, boasts an impressive record as a 3-time Team USA member, representing the USA in various Pan American Championships and World Championships.


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